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The artist...

Mehdi van den Bos is a Bahá'í photographer of mixed Dutch and Persian heritage, who most readily identifies with the concept of being a world citizen and traveller. Having grown up in Australia, he is currently based in London pursuing his interest in Clinical Neuroscience research.

"Photography is a passion I’ve treasured throughout my life. Whenever I find myself alone in a unique place I strive to explore it; explore the circumstance that combines light with form, the subtleties of tone and hue, the intricacies and scale of the interposed elements, the balance and movement of nature’s active elements and how they interact with the world. To discern in these moments a glimmer of the beauty of creation is both an end point and a beginning, for though it is this goal I seek, it is also an inspiration to search deeper and harder, to unveil more of the magnificence that is God’s work.

Sometimes the moment inspires my photography, and sometimes photography takes me to the moment. Whatever the process, I always intend to present the essence of that moment’s beauty in my final print."